Safety Pin Earrings, Sunglasses On A Chain, 90's Retro Is Back!

Fashion is always a cycle, with products from years ago making a comeback every season on the catwalk. This season it's all about throwing back to the 90's with plastic watches and accessories being dug out of wardrobes far and wide. The 90's accessory highlight's see your guilty favorites such as safety pin earrings, sunglasses on chains, plastic electronic watches and friendship bracelets making a return and adding an element of retro fun to your look.

1. Safety Pin Earrings

Popular in the 90's, this accessory is one that we did not expect to see making a comeback on the catwalk. Often associated with the punk, grunge look of the era, this item is an easy way to add attitude and edge to your outfit. This inexpensive item can also be updated by wearing mix and match earrings to really add a sense of 90's style to your wardrobe.
Faux Pearl Alloy Pin Drop Earrings
 Only $4.84

2. Sunglasses On A Chain

Big frame glasses are one of the most iconic accessories of the 90's, including sunglasses, reading glasses and other styles. In addition to their functionality, they are also a must have fashion statement to make any outfit super retro. You may think of sunglasses on a chain as something your grandma might wear, but this is a hot new style that gives your look a hipster, laid back feel.
Chic Gold Crossbar Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses
 Only $6.72

3. Digital Watch

The electronic watch was the turning of the times, along with the flip phone this was the height of 90's technology. Now this sort after item's price has sky rocketed as more and more fashion conscious youth are bidding to get their hands on this time old gadget. The Montana brand being the most famous, with it's digital face and silver case, this is a look that you can easily recreate this season without harming your wallet.

4. Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets feature in almost everyone's childhood, with the basic hand-made bracelets being made up of a combination of beads and braided wire or threads. Even though they are inexpensive, the meaning that they convey of love and special friendship is worth millions. Now friendship bracelets do not have to be a distant memory, dig out your bracelets and friendship lockets, and take part in the latest trend this season.
Rhinestone Engraved Friends Friendship Heart Necklaces
 Only $4.46

5. Bright Print Jewelry

The 90's was all about vibrant colors and rich prints. Bring this style into next season by wearing bright, sparkling jewelry and accessories, along with gold and semi-precious stones. Create a youthful look and stand out from the crowd.
Elephant Faux Gem Beaded Ring
 Only $3.08

6. Choker

The choker has made a big comeback this year, but did you know it was original made popular by the punk rock culture of the 90's? Again, like many of the 90's accessories, the price of a choker is very inexpensive and they are simple enough to create at home. In a variety of different colors, styles and designs, it is easy to find one that suits you. Add one to your outfit to create that 90's attitude and style.
Velvet Choker Necklace Set
All in $7.34


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