5 Hot Items For 2017

5 Hot Items For 2017

Bell Shaped Sleeves

How can we make a simple blouse into a new fashion statement with one simple upgrade? Only a small change is needed, and that is the addition of bell-shaped sleeves. Do not underestimate this style, whether you wear it on its own, or pair with a sweater or jacket , this look can instantly upgrade your wardrobe this season.
Bell Sleeve Trapeze Top - Red

Vintage Blouses

Pleats and lotus leaf patterns arebringing a Victorian elegance to this seasons style. This look has recently been featured on almost all the catwalks for 2017. Giving a feminine and romantic look, a vintage blouse will go well with a skirt or pants to give you a whole new style.
Off The Shoulder Chiffon Ruffle Mini Dress - Light Green

High Heeled Mules

The combination of high-heeled shoes with the comfort of slippers, mules have never been completely out of fashion, and now they are once more in the spot light. Whether it is an international fashion brand or an independent designer, mules are on every catwalk. With a variety of different styles to choose from, it is worth making an investment in this statement shoe that will be around for at least 3 more seasons.

Hooded sweater

Do you even need a reason to wear a hooded sweater? You can never go wrong wearing this item, it is simple, and goes with any outfit. The hooded sweater is definitely a hot item this season. Originally, for athletics and worn for comfort, now everyone from big named celebs to tattooed hipsters can be seen wearing one, get yours this 2017 and stay ahead of the crowd.
Long Sleeve Hoodie Sweater - Orange

Wide Leg Pants

Since the beginning of last year, a variety of high waist and low waist pants have started to incorporate a wide leg design. This style has stuck around and is now making its way into our 2017 wardrobe. Wide leg pants are a hot item that is an absolute must have for fashionistas who want to stay on trend.
Turnup Wide Leg Pants - Wine Red


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