Brush Your Blues Away

When applying makeup, is using a brush or your finger the best way for even coverage? This is a question that is often asked but never seems to have a consistent answer. For this age old problem, we at Gamiss now have the answer. If you want to pay more attention to the finer details of your makeup, then using your finger is the best tool. Especially during the winter, as we like to use moisturizing make up, and these work best at body temperature. Using a brush or a sponge will soak up your makeup, meaning that you get less coverage and also use more product. Using your finger will give you a more long lasting and even coverage.
Glittler Makeup Brushes Set - Rose Gold
Origin: $28.67 NOW Only: $16.59
However, the humble makeup brush has been going through many new innovations in recent years. With fewer models using bristles and moving towards a softer sponge like material, makeup brushes can now create a less powdery, more even, natural look.
Artist Makeup Brushes Set - Rose Gold
Origin: $67.34 NOW Only: $22.80
Gamiss’s beauty professional foundation brush, can be used with liquid or cream foundation and also with powder foundation for an even coverage. Each bristle diameter is only 0.06mm, the bristles are dense and strategically placed to reduce powder marks. Use the brush to dab on large pore areas for a more natural powder coverage.
Makeup Brushes And Beauty Blenders
Origin: $27.98 NOW Only: $14.99
We also have thick brushes available with an ergonomic design, the bristles are soft and delicate leaving you with perfect looking makeup. With a comfortable grip and easy usage, this brush is one addition to your makeup bag that cannot be missed.
Oval Silicone Makeup Sponge - Transparent
Origin: $5.47 NOW Only: $2.88


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