Every Outfit Needs A Pair Of Earrings

With Spring just around the corner, the need to layer up jewelry and look glam is here! If you can only choose one piece of jewelry to wear, regardless of the color of your outfit, then you are sure to choose a pair of eye catching earrings to really create a statement look.
Faux Pearl Eye Earrings - Golden
Only $3.96

Hoops- Classically Simple

Every fashionista is familiar with a classic pair of hoop earrings. Popular throughout the decades, hoops are a great way to add life to any boring outfit. Not only are hoop earrings fashionable, but they can create a slimming effect for your face, giving you a baby face look. The biggest advantage of hoop earrings is that they can easily be paired with any style of outfit. The simplest of earrings also give designers more space to create, with hoops now incorporating drop down beads and embroidery designs, choose a pair to suit your style.
Circle Bar Drop Earrings - Golden
Only $2.11

Huge Pearls- Unlimited Fun

Double pearl designs have taken over this season, becoming an icon look for earrings on every catwalk. With large pearls on the back of the earring instead of the usual earring back, this look has elegance and attitude all rolled into one. Try a pair of these earrings to add a refreshing new look to your outfit.
ONE PIECE Faux Pearl Rhinestone Pin Earring - Silver
Only $2.08

Tassels- A New Kind Of Woman

Date worthy earrings have arrived. Long pendant earrings with tassels are not for your every day wear, but look perfect as part of an elegant and glam evening outfit. Elongating your face and giving you a real feminine flair, this earring is perfect for your date night outfit. Try an earring that combines all 3 looks, with our Geometrical Bohemian Tassel Circle Drop Earrings. Hoops, pearls and tassels all rolled into one perfect look. In 4 different colors, choose a look to match any outfit.
Geometrical Bohemian Tassel Circle Drop Earrings - White
Only $3.27


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