Eye Catching Date Outfits For A Magical Evening

For a date, choosing what to wear is the most difficult task for all women. We at Gamiss are here to make this process easier, simply follow our tips below. You cannot go wrong with enhancing and showing off your figure on this important date. Forget over sized clothing and go for a figure hugging look. If you are not confident wearing a body con dress, try for a flowing shape with a cinched in waist to give you a feminine curve. Opt for a long flowing dress to add to the magic of the night, giving a romantic and girly style. Try a short fitted dress to enhance your curves:
Floral Plunging Neck Mini Dress - White
Origin: $33.71 NOW Only: $17.74
For a sophisticated yet sexy look, you do not want to reveal too much skin. You need to reveal just enough to leave them wanting more. Showing off your shoulders, clavicle, or ankle is an elegant yet sexy way to get their attention. When wearing a shirt, open the top 2 to 3 buttons, showing just enough skin. If you opt for a long skirt or dress, make sure there are slits at the bottom to show your ankles. This look is charming and endearing without being too over the top. Your beauty will be more enticing in this floral flowing dress:
Side Slit Maxi Floral Dress - Floral
Origin: $43.64 NOW Only: $22.09
Wearing high heels will allow you to get the perfect sway when you walk, and give you super confidence. Ankle boots can make the most simple jeans shine. With a variety of designs, from pointed to square shapes, heels can give your legs an elongated look. Heels will give a sexy, feminine look to any outfit. Add an ankle accessory for an eye catching effect. These heels are great for drawing attention towards your skin on show:
Striped Pattern Colour Block Rivets Pumps
Origin: $50.77 NOW Only: $25.43
Many fashionistas enjoy stacking their jewelry with multiple rings and bracelets to create a layered look. However, for date night, less is more and keeping your accessories to a minimal will make sure it is you that gets all the attention. Highlighting your best features with accessories is a skilled look that every girl needs to know. Add a simple choker to a plunging neck line for the ultimate Valentine’s Day style. Small accessories and details will help bewitch your date:
Vintage Velvet Layered Bar Choker Necklace - Pink
Origin: $6.96    NOW Only: $4.03


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