Fashionable Feminine Backpack

Wearing a backpack is not only practical, it is also a key accessory to express yourself. One of New York's most influential brands, Proenza Schouler, has brought a new way of wearing a backpack to the Spring/Summer 2017 fashion shows. They have shortened the length of the strap so that the backpack sits under your arm not on your back. You might think that this is a style that is not going to catch on, but you would be wrong. This is not only a modern new way to spice up your outfit, but it is also comfortable. In Autumn/Winter 2011, the hottest accessory trend was to carry your pet pooch in your handbag, everyone thought that this was also a faze but it has become a statement look for celebs that is here to stay. Express yourself and your unique style with a backpack this season. Check out the hottest ways to wear your backpack this season below:

Hot Tip 1: Both hands in front

If you do not need your hands free for a coffee or your phone, give your look a professional, formal feel by holding you backpack with both hands in front of you. Keeping your hands in front can also hide any problem areas, and even create an tender feminine look.
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Hot Tip 2: Keep your hands free

Adjust the length of the chain of your bag to allow it to sit under your arm. This will give you the image of a girl ready to tackle the world, with your hands free to catch whatever life throws at you. This look can also show off a more figure hugging dress or shirt to emphasize you style.
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Hot Tip 3: Take it on the wrist

This is an easy way to create a laid back look. Simply hook your backpack over your wrist and put your hands in your pockets for a carefree style. Picking a lighter weight material will allow you to stay looking chic without the burden.
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Hot Tip 4: Cross your body

Making the strap long, wear your backpack on one strap across your body. This will give you a cool look, whilst giving you easy assess to what is inside your bag. Choosing a backpack with chain straps will give you a glam, warrior look that is sure to turn heads. Wearing your backpack like this will also cinch in your waist and give you a flawless silhouette.
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