Freestyle Graffiti Fashion

Graffiti elements from street culture have been gradually making their way into the fashion industry for many years. Graffiti elements are not for the faint hearted, with big, bold colors and patterns, you cannot shy away when sporting this confident style. Here we highlight some of the key aspects of this daring new fashion statement.

Street Shoot

More and more designers are moving away from photo studios, and to the bare, raw streets of major cities in order to shoot their fashion range. With dirty sidewalks and graffiti as a backdrop, models are also taking on bold new looks with nose rings and tattoos. This decadent fashion sense is more popular with the younger generation, and allows their attitude to show through their outfits.
Long Batwing Sleeve Graffiti Pattern Sweater
Origin: $36.20    Now ONLY: $13.11

Jacket Graffiti

Patches on leather and denim jackets have always been popular with the underground fashion world. Now even more so, with big named fashion brands selling jackets that already have graffiti, patches, and tears. If you do not already have a graffiti jacket, make sure you purchase one this season, or even better, create your own.
Stylish Tie Dye Print Long Sleeve Stand Neck Women's Jacket

Graffiti Tee

Graffiti tees are popular with all ages and fashion styles. The most popular in graffiti tee this season is the slogan tee, with many catwalks brandishing bold statements to show their attitude towards current events. Get in on this style with a plain white tee and slogan of your choice, the bigger and bolder the better.
Jewel Neck Cartoon Pattern Tee

Brand Graffiti

In addition to the conventional graffiti biker jacket, the graffiti bag has also been taking center stage. Marc Jacobs have paved the way this season with their colorful graffiti backpack and handbag collection. Gucci have also followed suit, collaborating with Trouble Andrew on their Gucci Ghost range. Combining bold slogans and colorful graffiti, Gucci’s new bag collection is one that should not be missed. Get in on the trend without the high price tag with Gamiss today.
Chains Print Mini Crossbody Bag
Original: $24.34     Now: $12.81


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