Give Your Closet A Spring Feeling With Embroidery

It's the perfect time to update your wardrobe right now, because fashion trends are coming back from the past but for the good. Embroidery fashion trend dates back to Chinese, where during the Zhou Dynasty, embroidery patterns and symbols were used to describe different meanings of life and culture. Little do we know about those meanings but we surely do know that embroidery is shouting 'Spring is here folks'!
For someone who really loves flowers, you can show them on your clothes from now on, like a 3D kind of feeling. From denim jackets to denim jeans, silk dresses or shirts, the stitching details are really showing up this season. So, if you liked it then you shoulda 'put a stitch' on it.

Embroidery is a style that works well day or night, to own your day look try this black Embroidered Mini Skirt that you can tuck in a neutral color like a blue shirt, and some sneakers or high heels, whatever you’re feeling up for today.
Faux Leather Flower Embroidered Skirt - Black
Origin: $34.68   NOW Only: $18.28

Your office look should contain some stitched flowers, don't you think? Maybe a striped embroidery shirt will do the trick. Try pairing it with some denim jeans or a black skirt and you're off to work. The best part of it is that you don't have to spend a ton of money to go for this look.
Striped Stand Neck Embroidered Blouse - Blue And White
Origin: $27.77   NOW Only: $12.22

So where do you think you're headed without an embroidery dress in your closet? Try this Fitted Velvet Cami Dress from GAMISS with some floral stitched details for a cocktail party or a date night. Match it with some strappy high heels, and a leather black coat to rock the evening.
Embroidered Velvet Cami Vintage Dresses - Black
Origin: $31.75   NOW Only: $14.71

And the best of them all, this see through floral Halter Lace Crop Top. After all we are ladies and who wouldn't love just to have this piece of art hanging in our closets?
See-Through Floral Embroidery Cami Crop Top - White
Origin: $18.06   NOW Only: $9.03

Embroidery fashion is a must-have for this season, so if you're not totally up for spreading around this spring atmosphere, you can always go for some little stitched details on your accessories, like hand bags or boots.


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