Earn your stripes

In the eyes of the non-fashion savvy, stripes are just stripes, but for us fashionistas we know that stripes come in a variety of different styles. From horizontal, vertical and oblique stripes, they create a different look to your outfit every time. With stripes back again this season, the main question is, what stripes are you? Stripes are undoubtedly one of the strongest elements in the fashion circle. Simple yet distinctive, stripes can be bold and in view on a T-shirt or sweater, or hidden in the rich texture of a suit. Regardless of where on your outfit they feature, stripes are sure to be in your wardrobe this season. When you are struggling to decide what to wear, stripes will always save you. Check out our tips below for how to wear stripes this year.
Striped Off The Shoulder Bell Sleeve Blouse
Origin: $28.20 NOW Only: $10.23

Black and White Stripes

Black and white stripes always give a strong retro feeling. Black and white monochrome combinations never go out of date. Don’t miss out this season and add some black and white stripes to your wardrobe.
Striped Chiffon Insert Dress
Origin: $28.94 NOW Only: $14.47

Colorful Stripes

Whilst black and white stripes allow you to stand out in a more subtle way, colorful stripes can really show off your wild side. Colorful stripes are perfect for spring and will give you a mystical, rainbow look. Add some fun to your outfit with colorful stripes.
Lace Trim Striped Dress
Origin: $39.18 NOW Only: $14.20

Irregular Stripes

Whether it is thick lines, thin lines, horizontal stripes or vertical stripes, different varieties and patterns will give you a fresh new look. Whilst horizontal stripes will give you a nautical look, vertical stripes will elongate your figure and give a sense of luxury. Whatever way you choose to wear, make sure stripes are featured in your spring wardrobe this season.
Sleeveless Geometric Stripe Fit and Flare Dress
Origin: $29.68 NOW Only: $14.98


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