'Think Pink' This Spring

The first thing that caught your eye when you opened your Instagram today and went exploring a little bit are obviously some 'ootd' goals, a girl with a baby pink sweater with her flowery favorite mug in her hand, some pastel pink sneakers worn on a sunny day outside or a pink velvety bag with hundreds of heart shaped likes. We have all witnessed the pink color go down many times in history but now we are here for its vigorous comeback. Back then 'think pink' wasn't associated at all with a one-way gender, actually in the 1700s it was worn equally by men and women and it wasn't until World War II when femininity started to be wrapped in pink color. All of you who always hated pink and think it's 'too girly', well think again because this is the season to embrace it. Here are some tips on how to rule your pink outfit this season:

Don't go for 50 shades of pink

If you don't want to look like a Disney princess you should try to keep the level of pink down and go for some of the paler shades that suit you the best, from baby pink, Spanish pink and cotton candy, the list goes on and on. You might try a velvet pink dress if you feel that elegant touch today.
Cami Maxi Low Cut Velvet Dress - Pink
Origin: $21.32 NOW Only: $11.99

Keep it simple

If you aren't brave enough to wear pink, just keep it simple. You don't want to cut the line of looking good in pink so just sit to the basics and add some life to your accessories. Like a pink bag, some pair of pink sunglasses or a pair of pink socks will be just enough to enlighten your garderobe.
Metal Embellished Bi Fold Clutch Wallet - Pink
Origin: $23.02 NOW Only: $13.02

Mix it up with some darker colors

While pink is the trendy color here, try combining it with some of the colors that never go off of fashion, like black and white for example. A pink drape coat, a white t shirt, and black leather jeans look great together for a day out.
Drape Front Plus Size Coat - Pink
Origin: $21.72 NOW Only: $11.43

Give attention to the cuts

When in need of a pink dress, always look at the cuts. A pink dress might give you a very elegant touch but it may also give you the other way around if not chosen carefully. Try a low cut dress with a plunging neck for any cocktail parties you will be attending and maybe pink will be the new 'black' soon enough if it goes with this pace.
Low Cut Draped Party Wear Dress - Pink
Origin: $30.69 NOW Only: $16.15
Wearing pink might be quite the challenge in today's fashion, but have the courage to find the right shade for you and you will pull out that outfit just fine while feeling very 'princessy' in a grown-up way.


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