Make Your Closet Trendy With These 5 Accessories

Accessories are our best friends, they never ever let us down. They come in different shapes, different colors and just to be the best mates to our outfits at the end of the day. Feel brave and consider making your closet brighter in this area or as we like to call it 'accessorize in brights' this season.

1. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses are really hitting up the charts up to the top this season and you can find them everywhere in the street style section. Well, there is no one to blame, they actually look great on you and your look won't be complete without them. Go for a more dramatic look with these triangle inserted cat eye sunglasses.
Stylish Hollow Out Black Cat Eye Sunglasses
ONLY $5.81

2. Super Sized Bags

Do you remember how hard it was to fit all your essentials in just one hand bag? Not anymore, cause with this new trend, the super-sized bags are here to save you. Designers are making them as big as they can, so maybe one day you'll be able to fit your whole closet and carry around. You can find them in different colors and patterns.
Bohemian Geometric Print Canvas Beach
ONLY $5.81

3. Embroidered Chokers

90's are back and everyone knows that chokers are the real thing now, but embroidered chokers? With all those floral prints, it's a must-have. Well, they look just amazing. You can really freshen your garderobe with just a few bucks and look fantastic this spring/summer season.
Adjustable Flower Embroidered Choker Necklace
$7.58Now ONLY: $4.82

4. Baseball Hats

Who thought that baseball hats would be so trendy and will fit your outfit so good? You've probably seen all those instagram posts, a girl in her sweater with a baseball hat and some matched sneakers. If you think she looks good, you can do her look without having to spend enormous amounts of money.
Casual N 85 Embroidery Faux Suede Baseball Hat
ONLY $7.13

5. Statement Necklaces

Even though chokers made its place in the fashion weeks, long necklaces made a comeback too. The thinking that only one piece of jewelry can make you look great, it is pretty great actually. Try tying your hair up so the necklace can be fully shown, and go for a gorgeous 'classy' look.
A Suit of Retro Style Faux Ruby Statement Necklace Bracelet Ring Earrings
ONLY $5.41


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