How To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day In Style

St. Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious festival established to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland. Celebrated on the 17th of March every year, this festival is associated with celebrating Irish culture and tradition. Now, this day is popular throughout the world, with Irish and non-Irish taking part in the celebrations. On this day those who celebrate will wear green clothes, drink beer and decorate their homes with the 4 leaf clover. Gamiss are here to tell you 3 simple steps on how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Irish way.

1. Learn the history of St. Patrick's Day.

Since the 1970’s, St. Patrick's Day has been seen as a celebration of Irish culture and tradition, however, this day has deep religious roots in Ireland for over a thousand years. The festival was to originally commemorate the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, who first introduced Christianity to the country.

2. Wear green.

You do not need to wear a huge clover on the front of your shirt (although it will make you stand out in the crowd), but you can choose a playful green outfit to take part in the celebrations. A common St. Patrick's Day T-shirt is the cheeky “Kiss me, I’m Irish” slogan shirt that many have been sporting on this day for over 10 years! You can also opt to wear a more subtle T-shirt with Irish beer names, such as Harp or Guinness. Try a green shirt dress like this one here:
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For those who want to create a more festive atmosphere and get into the Irish spirit, you can make or buy a leprechaun costume, to bring luck to all of your friends. You can try white stockings, green hats and fake beards. This hat will be a great addition to any costume:
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If you still need to work on March 17th, wear a green shirt to work to create a festive atmosphere. You can try a green striped polo shirt or green collar shirt for an Irish approach, or green socks and green underwear for a more subtle hint of festive flare.
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3. Jewelry.

Buttons, pins and jewelry are very good at enhancing an outfit, and for St. Patrick's Day they can show off your quirky side. On this day, whatever you wear will be deemed acceptable, the bigger the better. For a low key look, try a small clover pin to show your holiday support. It is a common practice to paint your face during this day, especially for those who want to take part in a procession. Paint a cute clover on your cheek or an Irish flag, this will ensure you get into the festive spirit.
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