Stylish Unisex Fashion

Many top fashion brands have recently merged, even further, the lines between men and women's fashion. The latest trend in the top fashion circles is "No gender" fashion, or neutral clothing that is neither men's nor women's clothing. We are here to show you the top 3 neutral styles to make women handsome and men that little more refined.

Laid Back Baseball Caps

For many years, the baseball cap has been a mainly masculine fashion item. However, with more and more female celebrities making this accessory a wardrobe must have, it has become a common item on women's catwalks. A baseball cap is a hot item for spring 2017, and with a variety of different styles and colors to choose from, you can take this neutral accessory and really make it your own. Even pairing a baseball cap with a fur coat is acceptable this season. Experiment with this style and find a look to suit you.
baseball cap

"Steal" His Blazer

Since the 1830's male items in women’s fashion has been a common occurrence. The German actress Marlene Dietrich lead the "Femuline" fashion wave, and open people’s minds to a sexy and charming woman in men’s clothing. Yves Saint Laurent in the 1960's created "Le Smoking" smoking outfits. Breaking from tradition, he used female models to showcase this handsome, masculine suits. At the time this was a point of controversy, but nowadays, suits make it into women's wardrobes throughout the world. Add a sharp cut, masculine blazer to your outfit and show everyone how handsome can be sexy.
Classic Two Buttoned Blazer

Who Says Girls Only Wear Dresses?

When we think of the traditional looks of men and women, men are always in pants and women are always pictured as being in a dress or skirt. But today, who says women can only wear dresses? Now with a wide variety of pants with different styles and looks to create, more and more women are opting for a more masculine, laid back look. The most fashionable pants for women are for sure a good pair of jeans. However, the trend does not stop there, with bell pants, wide leg pants, sweat pants and overalls, you can take your pick of mens fashion items to add to your own wardrobe.
Velvet Ruffled Metal Circle Wide Leg Pants


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