The Classic V Neck Sweaters

Whenever we discuss sweaters, V neck is always the most popular. Indeed, V neck sweaters have been around for many years, there is no reason not to love them. The V-neck sweater is back on the catwalks again this Spring and looks set to stay. In 1916 Coco Chanel imitated men’s knitted sweaters and incorporated the look into her women’s wardrobe. From then on, two-toned sweaters became the forefront of fashion, being made famous in the 1924 ballet Blue Train. Later the addition of the V neck cut and stripe patterns, gave this simple sweater a sporty and leisurely charm.
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If you feel like your V neck sweater is looking a little dull, you can try some new tricks to spice up your outfit. For example, wearing a collared or hooded shirt beneath your sweater, to give a new layered and unique look to your outfit.
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If the temperature allows, pull the sides of your V neck sweater down to rest on your shoulders, creating a look that is popular among Europeans and bloggers.
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Pair your sweater with a suit jacket or blazer for a classic combination that will give you a more sophisticated look. If you want to create a more edgy style, pair with a leather jacket for a truly breathless edge.
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