The Fittest People In The World Tell You How To Keep Fit

We always say that we will go to the gym or exercise more, but very few of us actually follow through with this. We need the perseverance to continue with our fitness regime. Jennifer Lawrence's fitness coach says that even a little change can help you break bad habits. Here we have collected some celebrity advise on how to keep fit this year.

The more focused you are whilst exercising, the more relaxed you will be afterwards

"I choose to exercise, not just watch what I eat. Exercising makes me more focused, I like walking, boxing and even dancing. Exercising releases dopamine and serotonin, so you will feel really good after you exercise."- Shay Mitchell
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If you are doing squatting, you have to do deep squatting

"I really believe that doing squats is the best exercise. If you do not know what type of exercise to do, then try and do 10 squats. This is a good way to let you know how fit you really are."- Miranda Kerr

Doing an exercise that makes you look beautiful will keep you motivated

"I like to practice ballet dancing, I have practiced for 5 years now. Not only does it keep me fit, but has also allowed me to become more elegant. Doing an exercise that allows you to show of your beautiful side will motivate you to work out more."- Phoebe Tonkin
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Exercise outside

"I grew up around nature, I grew up in Colorado, and I naturally ran everyday. Every time I went to a new place, I would find some outdoor sports to do. When I was in Amsterdam, I would ride a bike. If I was in New York, I would put my headphones in and just start walking."- Kate Hudson
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If you can't motivate yourself, find someone who will motivate you

"Aerobic exercise is the most critical, I will always get a personal trainer to accompany me. If I don't, I am too lazy to go to the gym myself. If you have someone their to supervise and push you, then you will make yourself work out."- Rihanna

Nothing is more important than listening to music during exercise

"I find a song I really like, then I do some biceps curls or strength training in time with the music. It's really important to listen to music whilst you work out to get you in the mood."- Beyoncé


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