The Opportunity To Crop Your Tops

You may wonder, will I pull off this trend? Or is it showing too much skin? Well wipe off your curiosity right now and take the opportunity to find out. Show your sassy spirit. For those who have, like a really high confidence, crop tops are rocking this season and be assured that they are going to do it a real sexy way. There will be endless opportunities to style this piece of fashion. Crop tops really made the way to the 'top' by jumping from jogging style to this really stylish piece that goes well with almost everything. Some crop tops are longer and some are shorter than the others, some are laced and some are not. But before you continue to, take a look at this laced up cami crop-top that you can combine with a pair of white shorts a fedora hat maybe and get ready to feel like Lana Del Rey while hitting the beach.
Lace Up Long Sleeves Crop Top
Origin: $19.08 NOW Only: $6.44
Go high waisted while dealing with these loose kind of crop tops, pair with a beige skirt and a pair of black boots, and you will fall in love with your style.
Off The Shoulder Chiffon Backless Blouse
Origin: $16.95 NOW Only: $7.86
If you really want to show your confidentiality, there is this bra top you should try. All the catwalk models are rocking this new trend, and if you want to be one of them go working on those abs.
Cropped Round Neck Lace Tank Top
Origin: $26.56 NOW Only: $13.37
And you can always go for a blue velvet crop top, that melts your heart only by watching it and imagine what it would be like if you get to wear it. Combine with a black skirt and a pair of black high heels and take this outfit on a night out with you and you'll definitely be in the focus center.
Layered Velvet Cami Top
Don't be scared to try crop tops, you can always choose how much skin you intend to show. There are a lot of crop tops that are wide that doesn't show skin at all while wearing with high waisted pants, or long sleeves cropped tops that go really well with midi skirts. You can also crop your own tops and go all DIY on your closet.


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