This Year, It's All About Showing Some Skin With Split Fashion!

Ultra-Long Sleeves And Tulip Sleeves Are Out! The previous trend for over-sized, ultra-long sleeves and tulip sleeves is so out this season. Now it is the time to embrace the warmer weather and let your skin breathe. Here we show you the hottest new styles this season.

1. Open Split Rompers

Open split rompers are the perfect secret weapon. Stay stylish yet covered up with this glamorous fashion trend. Open split romper shows the uniqueness of what your are wearing, with split sleeves to leave your hands and arms free to embrace the fresh spring air. For more petite figures, try a short jacket and pair with statement boots for a really on trend look.
Plunging Floral Print Halter Chiffon Romper Origin: $25.44 NOW Only: $10.45

2. Open Split Tee

Open split tee are on point with this seasons sporty leisure look. Wear a more comfortable tee and let your arms go on show, perfect for giving a glimpse at your post workout biceps. Add a bold necklace for a look straight from the catwalk.
Flare Sleeve Heathered Choker T-Shirt Origin: $26.71 NOW Only: $9.69

3. Open Split Shirt

The open split shirt adds a charming, elegant personality to your wardrobe. Compared to ordinary shirts, split sleeve shirts will make your daily wardrobe more interesting. Even the most basic office wear can be given a new lease of life with this simple sleeve adjustment. Give this look a try and add a casual feel to your work wear.
String Off The Shoulder Split Sleeve Blouse Origin: $27.93 NOW Only: $14.70

4. Open Split Dress

After spring, we all want to dress elegantly in preparation for the summer months. Try a new twist on an old classic, with a long floral dress with a high split, for a sophisticated new look.
Floral Print Slit Open Back Maxi Dress - Purplish Blue Origin: $33.00 NOW Only: $13.20


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