To Be A True Fashionista You Need At Least 3 Pairs Of Statement Shoes

The famous fashionista Carrie from Sex and the City said "Love can leave easily, but shoes will never leave you". In addition to diamonds, shoes may be a woman's other best friend. But with new styles and ever changing designs, what shoes should you choose? What woman doesn't want the most beautiful shoes this season, follow our 3 tips below to stay ahead of the trend.

1. A Pair Of Black Pointed High Heels

A pair of black shoes are a wardrobe statement that is as ever a classic as the little black dress. Even if your wardrobe only has a small collection of shoes you are bound to find a pair of black heels in among them. Creating a classic charm, a pair of black pointed heels can go with any outfit, from an elegant evening dress to a simple laid back pair of jeans. Choose a sharply pointed pair for a more feminine and slender style.
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2. A Pair Of Ankle Strap Sandals

Even during the cool winter months, a pair of sandals should be your go to shoes to glam up any outfit. Catwalks this year have begun to pair tights and socks with sandals to create a unique new look that can be worn even in the coolest months. You can make a statement in even the simplest of black sandals, or truly turn heads in a colorful pair of elegantly designed heels. Choose a pair that matches your personality and have fun with your outfit.
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3. A Pair Of Flat Shoes

For most women, wearing pants is just as important and essential as wearing a skirt, and like high heels a pair of brogues or loafers is essential to any wardrobe. Not only can these shoes be worn in any weather, but they can give a classic, vintage look to any outfit. With different materials and designs of flat shoes making their way onto the cat walk, you will be spoilt for choice this season. Make sure that you buy a pair that matches your look and can be worn throughout the year. Give your outfit a professional yet feminine edge with a pair of classic brogues today.
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