Festival De Cannes Are Not Just About Gown

The 70th annual Cannes Film Festival is currently taking place from 17 to 28 May, 2017. From opening ceremony to anniversary evening party, even during the red carpet walk on, actresses from both the West and the East are competing with each other, and wanna catch the camera shoots for next cover page. In our fashion world, those beauties are more exceed to the existence of the films! We thought such big event is all about splendid evening dress, shining gowns... However, one trend that caught us attention: Jeans! No matter jeans short, wide leg jeans, or flare jeans, all the goddess show us how to wear them in a perfect way!

1. Flare Jeans

Isabelle Huppert, the goddess of literary film, attended the outdoor conference of La caméra de Claire, wearing a neat color block shirt and a high waisted flare jeans. Along the trendy Lob hair style, who can tell she is already in her 60s?
Source: Internet Though ripped elements are taking their way nowadays, the classic of jeans must be flare jeans. Simply wearing a blouse and a pair of flare jeans is neat and trendy!
Slit Hem High Waisted Cropped Flare Jeans
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You can also pair a striped tank top to outline your body shape.

2. High Waised Shorts Jeans

Summer is the time for shorts jeans, and if you are still in low waisted shorts, please wake up! The trendies pattern is high waisted! Even Kendall Jenner wore it to Fashion for Famine charity Dinner in Cannes.

 Source: Google
Though it is hard for us to imitate her exaggerated look: super modeling asymmetrical trailing top, bling bling belt and a denim shorts. But we can try some alternatives below: Off the shoulder top and a pair of wedge heel, ideal outfit for a short vacation.
White Flounce Off The Shoulder Blouse - White

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Or a bralette/crop top does well! The short cutting of the bralettes combing the high waisted outlines your waist lines in a best way.
Lace Up Embroidered Knitted Cropped Tank Top - White
 Credit: @nelipies
Add some statement like a belt adds the crowing touch of your whole outfit.

3. Mom Jeans

We have introduced the trends of mom jeans before, and during the Cannes Festival, we noticed that it is still on trend! Elle Fanning, who matched a white crop top and mom jeans, showed her slimming waist in a fashion way.

 Source: Internet

It is actually a good way to illustrate how to wear a mom jeans and we can learn from her look. Showing out your belly makes mom jeans do not belong to moms any more, but be part of the girls' essential. You are the drama queen with it on!
Frayed Mom Fit Jeans - Denim Blue
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