Sweet Trick: Flounce Statement

Wanna be a sweet girl full of youth and vigor? Flounce statement must be your first choice. Summer is the best season to let your flounce shine. This time, Gamiss shows three kinds of flounce garment for you.

1. Flounce Sleeve

Many people love to wear classic shirt for their never out-of-date. So as white shirt. But to be different and outstanding, highlight flounce sleeves helps you a lot. With the gloss and the texture, this flounce sleeve blouse is really suitable for office ladies. People always think office ladies are tough and serious. Which show an unfriendly presents to others. However, with the little sweet flounce trick, it perfectly neutralizes the sweetness and toughness in OL. Your cloth might look simple, but not your sleeves. All white blouse seems nothing difference or spotlight, but with the unique flounce sleeve, never worry about not being attention.
Oversized Flare Sleeve Flounce Ruffles Blouse

2. Flounce At The Front

If you wanna maximize your feminization, lower your shoulder, add some flounces to your dress. Such sweetness wrap your body just like a beautiful flower being around you. Bare shoulder plus flounce will not only optimize the curves of your arm but also plump your chest visually.
Ruffled Off Shoulder Chiffon Dress - Pink
 Origin: $25.88   Now ONLY: $15.36

3. Flounce Hem

Try another way to show your love to flounce. This red dress catches our heart by its flounce hem. Which makes it more attractive. I can even watch it all day without feeling boring. If you worry such red color is too bold, or too sharp, then the flounce element can let you ease for its magic power to turn this dress into more active and shining.
Loose Flounce Ruffles Spaghetti Straps Sleeveless Dress - Pink

4. Flounce Bikini

There is no way to resist a flounced bikini. With string and high-waist design, this pattern of bikini will not be out of date even you wanna wear it for the next year.
Flounce Spaghetti Strap Bikini Set - Deep Pink


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