Three Fashion Elements for 2017 Summer

When you wrap up your clumsy coat, have you made up your mind what to put to for the upcoming dynamic season? If not, let Gamiss show you three fashion elements for you that you should not miss out. Cause in this spring/summer, leisure and classic styles are taking their ways. Many designers have applied the reconstruction shape to clothing, which means not only the the material matters, but the details are also plays an important role.

1. Tied Knot

Tied knot shows up its prominently since last quarter. With different length and width, it can shape beauties in different types. The most welcome knot is textile tied knot. It is really suitable to add on shoulder, waist, and sweep parts. Pink is cute and lady, and the know on the front add the statement of ingenue. With velvet material, this bodysuit looks much more noble than just for little girl. You can adjust the knot according to your body shape. Sweet pink with hollow out can let you show out your skin. Not to much but enough to catch to the hearts of others.
Striped Front Knot Cutout Cami Dress - Stripe S

 Credit @cristinatabun
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Striped Front Knot Cutout Cami Dress

 Credit @cristinatabun
Shop the Striped Bowknot Cami Top. On SALE: $8.64

Knotted Velvet Bandeau Bikini Set - Pink S

2. Cami Top

Do not feel surprise when you see some fashioninsta wearing some "bras or intimates" as outerwear. Because this is one of the fashion trends that you should know. This kind of cami top combines the sporty leisure with trends. You might think there is nothing special putting a pair of plain high waisted jeans with a shirt, but adding a cami top can bring this outfit a whole new feeling.
Sweatheart Velvet Cami Top - Deep Pink M

 Credit @patricia_hild
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Strappy Spaghetti Straps Tank Top

 Credit @nataliaslupecka

3. Asymmetric Skirt

In 2017 Spring/Summer Fashion Shows, the design of skirts' sweep are invariably asymmetric. No matter is short at the front and long at the rear or raise the height of one side waist, this kind of skirts impresses us with layering and interests. This black skirt is not ordinary because of the asymmetric sweep.
Printed Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt - Floral M

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